Why Choose A-Plus Contracting?


Delivering quality projects on time begins with employing experienced and qualified personnel across several disciplines within construction. A-Plus Consulting boasts a wide portfolio of tradespeople who are highly skilled in niche sectors – ready to tackle your next task.

We possess sound knowledge in staffing for temporary labor, site work, water/sewer construction, traffic control service and many other disciplines. As an experienced staffing agency, we have unrivaled recruiting expertise and in-depth knowledge of the construction market, spanning entire construction projects and their unique phases.

Our Guarantee:


Our unwavering commitment to establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships, positive client experiences, and integrity is our formula to bring you success.  If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with our employees, team, or service we have assigned you on your project, rest assured that we will resolve the situation in a timely manner with full professionalism from start to finish – with resolutions that suit you.

Below are just a few areas our firm specializes in:

Temporary Labor

Employing qualified temporary construction labor can give you flexibility for growth by helping you to expand and grow your workforce swiftly. It will help you to minimize labor costs, helping you to stay within budget. Hiring temporary labor companies opens connection opportunities for you to find trained and certified personnel, helping you to get the right candidates for temporary equipment operators, skilled labor and trade positions easily and quickly.

Construction Management Consulting

From resource management to material management, cost management, scheduling, defining project scope, planning, contingency plan and risk management, we offer expert project management consultancy services with vast experience in managing and supervising small-scale and large-scale projects. 

Water and Sewer Construction 

Planning your next water and sewer construction project? We have deep knowledge of sewer construction and understand the unique complexities involved within hazardous conditions and operations. Our sewer and water construction crews are trained in confined space, excavation safety, and OSHA 10HR working to the highest standards.

Take Advantage Of A-Plus Service!

Do you need a highly qualified MBE / WBE company with vast industry experience and the trust of industry experts? You’re in the right place. Let A-Plus Contracting, LLC help you source the right manpower while you focus on other essential tasks.

Hiring Made Easy

Looking for hard-to-find talent? Need a great temporary employee? We’ll help you find the people you want faster.